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If you know me, you know I love my lengths! I wanted to be able to bring my passion for serious locks to life and provide my own bespoke hair extension service.


I am currently trained to fit to "LA Weave's". I am glad I have chosen this technique as it is a system I can 100% back from having it installed myself.


The wellbeing of my clients hair is always my absolute number one priority, which is why I do not offer any hair extension methods which involve the use of glue, heat or chemicals. Instead favouring tried and tested methods that are gentle and always kind to your natural hair! Which will encourage hair growth and repair in the long run. 

The LA Weave

The ever increasingly popular method founded in Los Angeles, the LA Weave boasts being one of the most gentle, natural and long lasting hair extension method on the market. This is a hybrid between the traditional 'braided weave' better suited to Afro-Caribbean hair textures and the 'Micro Ring' individual method. The LA Weave is suitable for all straight to wavy hair types, from thick hair to very fine hair. Perfect for adding just volume, with one row, or length and volume with a full head. I personally use one of the UK's TOP hair extension suppliers, Hair Kings, whose hair lasts up to 12 months with good care and sometimes longer. All colours available, including balayage, highlighted, ombre, silver and I am able to custom colour fashion colours to suit your own preference!

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